Spanish Braille Team questions


Did you do any preparation in advance of taking the course?

Were you given some sort of cheat sheet or easy references you find make it easier?

Were the graphs for verb conjugating easy to follow (6 section box)?

What are some of the ways that your TVI supports your learning Spanish?

What did you find the most difficult about taking Spanish class?

What do you use as an English/Spanish dictionary?

What have been other good resources to look up words?

Is it hard because Spanish is uncontracted?

How long did it take you to learn it?

How do you use Braille note to do Spanish Braille?

What tools did Braille note come with preloaded that have been useful?

Any problems using Braille note for Spanish?

Does Jaws pronounce Spanish correctly?

Did you purchase and use Spanish learning software (Living Language)?

If so, which one?

What do you think of it?

Is it Jaws compatible?

How often does your class go to lab?

What are some of the activities that you do there?

What technology is provided there for you such as Jaws?

Lots of Spanish lessons are very visual. What do you do to access this material?

Does your class do videos/movies such as Destinos?

Are you enjoying taking Spanish class?

What are ways that your parents are actively involved in your learning Spanish?

What do you recommend that TVI’s do for their student?

Teacher (TVI)

Where do you get Braille textbooks? Were the books specially ordered?

Is it hard to get the materials on time? Does the teacher provide any materials, in advance?

What is the hardest part of supporting the student taking Spanish?

What about the teacher handouts in Spanish?

How would you characterize your role as TVI for your student’s Spanish classes?

What have you needed to teach?

How do you introduce the material: composition marks, alphabet first, whole word language and how to Braille? Do you just follow the teachers lead?

Are there any references and resources that you find useful?

How do you get Spanish symbols for your computer? Does Duxbury take care of it?

How much time do you spend each week brailling games, visual aids, charts, worksheets, etc.?

How much time is spent on Spanish versus other core subjects (hours per subject)?

When your student uses the language lab, were there modifications that needed to be made for her?

What skills have you needed to teach her to help her in the language lab?

When do you need to go into the class with the student?

How do you create visuals as they come up on the board?

What, if any, tactile graphics have you needed to make for this class?

Who brailles the materials for the class – you or the resource person? How is that work divided?

Logistically, how does the Braille work flow?

What, if anything, causes the student to fall behind?

Any steps that you take to make it efficient so that we may follow your example?

What have you found from your experience that is a big help to your student that we should replicate?



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